The Future of Jobs & Education Seminar & Networking (Hurry up!) on 31 May

Registration Link (please click here)

On this Friday (31/3), there is a event hosted by Click Ventures at WeWork on the topic of future jobs & education. 

Please join as you wish for this dynamic evening starting from 5:30pm.

"Is our education still preparing children for jobs that won't exists in the future? Governments and academia estimate that between 30-50% of today's jobs will be replaced by technology such as AI enabled software of robots. Some factories in China already have replaced 90% of the manpower with robots! Autonomous cars already running in several countries! For startups and investors, they are thinking what can be replaced or automated, for us, we need to understand what is going on. Instead of being replaced by technology, find out how your can use it to keep ahead of the curve!"

You can join the roundtable discussion and see Ms. Carman Chan, our director and Ms. Diana David our angel member! Please register directly with the link provided (or contact if you have other queries).